Problems & Solutions

It supports simple and easy to use complex DeFi structures.


We have experienced various kinds of algorithms and their accompanying logic in the DeFi ecosystem in the past and are still in progress.

Despite this, DeFi is still an unfamiliar territory for many.



XIDO is built on a foundation that helps anyone quickly and easily experience and participate in the DeFi ecosystem. Many people worry about the unreasonable risk of contracts.

In order to use and utilize the DeFi ecosystem, these complex procedures and processes must be addressed. LaFarm is a primitive DeFi ecosystem that aims for a concise and simple vertical structure.

Token Distribution

Token Stats

LAFA is a utility token and the sale is only done through the community.
Unsold tokens are incinerated and the contract is transparently disclosed.



The only utility token on the ERC chain to farm XIDO is LAFA.

This is a strategic plan to minimize the risk of existing complex DeFi structures and staking.

In addition, to prevent dumping of XIDO, farming is conducted by rounds.

Total: 1,000,000,000

Symbol: $LAFA

Type: ERC20

Contract: 0xfbd1eb488e93a8a30e2a173465a16b469ee74322